"I don't want to obligate the city to a long-term lease because of the amount of revenue involved," Councilman Don Hall said. He is referring to Airport Manager Stoney Powell's proposal to construct 15 new hangars that will cost approximately $600,000. Powell wants a 30-year lease and will recoup his investment by leasing the hangars to pilots who keep aircraft at the airport.

Hall and Councilman Tom Chappell said they were not against the 30-year lease, but thought it would be unwise to obligate the city to hangars that would be of no use, if the airport relocated. "If we do the study, let's expedite the process so we can be fair to Stoney," Chappell said. Mike Homes, a spokesman for a group of homeowners near the airport, requested Feb. 24 that the council delay airport expansion until the study is complete.

Councilman Frank Jones said the city will probably never close or relocate the airport. Any relocation would require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration because Rountree Field is a public airport. "There is no property available to move the airport to," Jones said. I don't think the airport will move in the immediate future, and I'm sure the FAA will not let it close. Some council members expressed concerns about the legality of giving Powell a long-term lease because it would give him a monopoly on city-owned hangars.

Vicki Philipoff Settlements Mayor Clif Knight said a representative with the Alabama Department of Transportation told him other airports in the state have similar deals. "A woman bitten by a German shepherd she considered adopting is suing the local Humane Society and the dog's foster parent." According to records from the Lauderdale County Courthouse, Connie David of Lexington is suing the Athens-Limestone Humane Society and member Jim Thompson for a sum to be determined by a jury.

Although Laredo’s new construction brought positive absorption in 2002, the new buildings also brought excess space that will push Laredo’s vacancy up to 5.9 percent in 2003. In a matter of seconds, before getting the organizations of an approved pro, one of the vital components that you would unmistakably consider is the masters conveyancing settlement agents But the Rebels didn't come close to scoring the rest of the day.

Pharmacia House, 23 Grosvenor Road: 6,800 sq ft has been let to Equitable Life Assurance on a ten year lease at a rent of £15.98 per sq ft. 11 London Road: The Personal Number Company has taken 4,720 sq ft at a rent of £12.75 per sq ft. The former Godfrey Davis site had been sold to Castle more Securities, but has been subsequently sold to TransLloyd Developments, who will shortly begin speculative development to provide 55,000 sq ft of offices.

In addition to an escalating vacancy, Laredo will also see absorption levels wane in the new year, bringing a softer 2003 performance to an area accustomed to high tenant demand. The construction pipeline is expected to taper soon, but the excess space from last year will drag down the industrial leasing market in the year ahead.

Other speculative schemes include 44,000 sq ft at Centrum, Griffiths Way by HBG Properties, and the 22,000 sq ft redevelopment of the former Odeon cinema on London Road. The number of enquiries for office space of 20,000 sq ft and above is increasing, but there are very few premises that can meet occupiers’ need at this end of the spectrum. However, take-up is severely restricted by the shortage of high quality stock.

Rental values for prime office properties are around £20.50 per sq ft. Quoted rents on new developments will be in excess of £21.00 per sq ft. The M1 Corridor in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire has been traditionally an industrial/distribution location.

However, diversification towards a service-based economy has increased the level of activity in the office sector. Nexus House, Boundary Way: 13,000 sq ft has been let to ADT.Three Cherry Tree Lane: Glanville Consultants pre-let 11,900 sq ft of first floor office space at Catherine House on a ten year lease at £12.50 per q ft. Era Group also pre-let 17,470 sq ft on a 15 year lease at £12.50 per sq ft and subsequently sub-let 14,220 sq ft to Danka UK at £13.00 per sq ft.

Hamilton House, 107-111 Marlowe’s: Fulcrum Parma Developments Ltd has taken 2,730 sq ft on a ten year lease at £14.65 per sq ft. Campus Business Park, May lands Avenue: Dixons has taken an assignment of 43,020 sq ft of office space at Campus 400.

Focus 31, Mark Road: the freehold of 38,550 sq ft has been purchased from Canada Life for £5.3m at a yield of 6.78%. Seymour House, White leaf Road: O&T Properties Ltd has acquired the property from the DETR for £885,000. Pre-lets of the ground floor to Chancery gate and Trek Constructions have been completed and the remaining upper floors are all now let or under offer.

Since the site opens countless conveyancing decisions, you get to differentiation and think about the different quotes and administrations set up by the online firms. One Park Lane: 9,000 sq ft of air conditioned offices let to Symphony Telecom at £16.50 per sq ft. The past 12 months have seen the refurbishment of buildings such as Catherine House (54,000 sq ft) and Swan Court (29,000 sq ft). More recently the purchase of Rank by Bourne Leisure has resulted in Normandy Court (12,000 sq ft) becoming available. Demand for serviced accommodation as well as premises’ offering shorter and more flexible leases is increasing..

Out-of-town, rents are in the region of £19.00 per sq ft for prime accommodation, £17.00 per sq ft for modern non air conditioned space and £14.00 per sq ft for secondary premises. Demand has been focused out-of- town, reflecting the secondary nature of the office accommodation in the town centre and the lack of accommodation with parking. 800 The Boulevard, Capability Green Business Park: Corporate Services Group has taken the Boulevard (52,000 sq ft) as its headquarters building on a 20 year lease at £18.75 per sq ft. The National Farmers Union Pension Fund has subsequently bought the investment for £14m reflecting a yield of 6.6%.

960 Capability Green: approximately 25,000 sq ft has been purchased by Bank of Ireland Asset Management from Haslemere Estates plc and Pillar Property plc for £6.258m at a yield of 7%. The property was pre-let to Rogues on a 20 year lease at a rent of £18.00 per sq ft. 1 Capability Green: Blue Circle Pension Investments Ltd has bought 18,300 sq ft from private Irish investors for £4.3m, reflecting a yield of 6.8%.

Whitbread plc has bought 59,000 sq ft for their own occupation at Houghton Hall Business Park from Danish investors Laser glide.Rental values are between £5.00 per sq ft and £10.50 per sq ft and would need to rise above these levels to justify such development. The planning pipeline shows proposed development at Capability Green. Also at the Park, Jarvis Happened Holdings Ltd has purchased 1.18 acres of land from Pillar and Haslemere Estates.

The company plans to build a mixed-used scheme and has pre-let the ground floor to Jigsaw Day Nurseries and will speculatively build 9,000 sq ft of ground and first floor offices. Rental values are significantly higher out- of-town, given the high quality of space on offer. The Council’s response has been to keep pace by releasing more land to cope with the anticipated expansion.

401 Grafton Gate: Charles Schwab, the US internet stockbroker, has taken the 60,000 sq ft development by Scottish Mutual. Oak House, Lansford Wood Estate, and Lansford Wood: Magus UK Ltd has taken 3,010 sq ft at a rent of £14.21 per sq ft.Saurian, Childs Way: Rogues has pre-let 34,000 sq ft on a 15 year lease at a rent of £15.00 per sq ft. Rogues plans to occupy the space in January 2001.

Omega House, Brad borne Drive, and Millbrook: an Irish institution has purchased the 39,440 sq ft scheme from Marlborough Gleeson Ltd for £3.2m at a yield of 7.25%.Lansford Wood: Phillips & Drew Second Property Partnership has purchased 101,000 sq ft from Marconi Avionics (Holdings) Ltd for £6.5m. Part of the building (65,000 sq ft) has been pre-let to Getronics UK Ltd on a ten year lease at £13.70 per sq ft.

At Caldecott Lake Business Park, Wentworth House (21,000 sq ft) has been let to Loopback at £16.00 per sq ft, while St Andrews House (30,000 sq ft) remains available.These include Decor Business Park at Lansford Wood, where 75,000 sq ft has been let or is under offer and Centric, also at Lansford Wood, where 38,000 sq ft is available. The scheme will include Waterbury Lakes, where Frontier Estates is planning to build 100,000 sq ft in the first phase of a 255,000 sq ft speculative office scheme.

With Enact Conveyancing Adelaide getting, it is likely that there will be more individuals educating nearby hunts from neighborhood powers. 7/8 The Parade: Property Trust plc has purchased 12,590 sq ft from Henderson Investors for £1.235m at a yield of 8.75%. Sterling House, Clintonville: Middle Eastern Estates has bought the 13,220 sq ft office building from Canada Life Ltd for £1.525m.

Elect us, Northampton Business Park: Scottish and Newcastle has taken 26,200 sq ft at a rent of £14.00 per sq ft. Brookfield, Moulton Park: three units of 1,500 sq ft have been let to Wilson Homes and Orbit Housing at rents of up to £13.25 per sq ft. The supply of new and good quality space has diminished further over the past 12 months. Northampton House (116,000 sq ft) has been redeveloped, providing luxury apartments and leisure facilities.

NatWest has taken a 42,000 sq ft call centre at Bede Island and Barclays has taken 65,000 sq ft at De Montfort Business Park at a rent of £13.50 per sq ft. Meridian Business Park: 5,000 sq ft has been let to McLean Homes, East Midlands at £12.10 per sq ft. The 10,000 sq ft investment has been sold to The Property Trust. The whole process of conveyancing is conducted by expert conveyancers to avoid confusion stage.

Scud more Road: Viking Direct has purchased approximately 22,000 sq ft for its own occupation for £1.75m. Executive House, Executive Park: Courante Corporation took 5,600 sq ft on a ten year lease with the remaining 5,000 sq ft let to Avalon Printing Software, both transactions achieving a rent of £11.50 per sq ft.

Bede Island Business Park: W B Developments has pre-let 15,000 sq ft to Bland Bank art on a 15 year lease at £11.00 per sq ft. New Walk, Leicester City: Nelsons Solicitors has taken approximately 20,000 sq ft in two separate transactions within New Walk. Over 11,000 sq ft of accommodation was taken within Provincial House on New Walk at a headline rent of £8.50 per sq ft. This encouraged the speculative development of Regent House, a 28,500 sq ft new build scheme behind a Grade II listed facade, with higher than average parking.

The final phase of Bede Island Business Park may be undertaken speculatively to provide up to 26,000 sq ft of office space. Within the city centre, development sites are very limited and developers have turned their attention to the Inner Ring Road l occasions to assemble suitable sites for development.

This is likely to prompt a further phase of speculative building on the adjacent Plot 5B to be completed in summer 2001. Immediately opposite, at the former Sears Complex, existing office buildings have been refurbished and People’s Choice Insurance has taken 59,000 sq ft as a call centre. Demand has remained steady with a significant proportion of larger enquiries being call centre related.

Out-of-town development activity at Junction 21 has allowed occupiers a greater choice by increasing the availability of premises within the 4,000 sq ft to 7,000 sq ft range. Prime rents in the city centre and out-of-town locations are around £13.00 per sq ft. Average rents are £7.00 per sq ft in the city centre compared with £9.00 per sq ft out-of-town.

Appallingly an offer on a property is not authentically tying until contract have been exchanged so until all the people conveyancing lawyers melbourne from the chain have exchanged contracts, the theory is not complete. Capital One has begun the development of 250,000 sq ft of offices on a site adjacent to its existing premises, while Experian continues its seemingly insatiable office acquisition programmers.

Phoenix Office Park, near Junction 26, M1: Wilson Bowden has secured disposals to Store Elsa, Oakfield Financial Services, ICL and Wheatley Construction comprising a substantial part of over 60,000 sq ft of offices, speculatively built in six units. Nottingham Business Park: William Davis is to speculatively develop 850,000 sq ft of office space. Building is to commence at the end of this year now that highways issues have been resolved. Royal Standard Place, St James’s Terrace: Wilson Bowden has purchased the site known as Cumberland Place from Hampton Trust.

Trent Park: We beck Land is developing the site as part of the Nottingham Waterside development scheme, which is to comprise 230 apartments and 130,000 sq ft of retail, leisure and office space.

Numerous secondary opportunities are available in the city centre but for reasons such as lack of car parking and poor specification, most will take some time to let, or to be converted to more profitable uses including residential or leisure.The recent establishment of Sheffield First for Investment (SF4i) has merged all the former Inward Investment Agencies into one unit, while the Urban Task Force is now incorporated and known as Sheffield One. Navigation House, Victoria Quay: this last phase of Wilson Bowden’s Victoria Quay scheme (28,000 sq ft) has been let to S-Cubed Par Excel on a 15 year lease at a rent of £13.75 per sq ft.

Hallamshire Court, Summerfield Street: Cedar House comprising 5,630 sq ft, has been let on a 15 year lease to DVLA at a rent of £13.00 per sq ft. Of this total 93,000 sq ft comprises large-scale new or refurbished space, notably the first phase of Wilson Bowden’s Riverside Exchange scheme (36,000 sq ft) and the remaining 57,000 sq ft of Development Securities’ Milton House following a letting of 23,000 sq ft to Midland Mainline. This is an improvement from the January 2001 CBD vacancy rate of 10.1%.

The BOMA Adelaide Office Market Report update for the six months to July 1996 was released today. The report indicates the patchy nature of the office market in Adelaide with the Adelaide Core District recording a rise in vacancy rates from 17.8% to 19.5%, with a small increase from 12.7% to 13.2% in the Adelaide Fringe.

The Adelaide Frame however, showed improvement from 17.1% to 16.0% The BOMA SA Executive Director Mr Bryan Moulds said that the results showed the fragility of the market place and reflected the ongoing rationalisation of office users as public and private sectors alike looked to consolidate in existing space rather than seeking to expand.

Mr Moulds said that the movement in the frame was largely reflected in absorption C and D Grade buildings. He said however that the recent expansion of the Universities form their existing campuses north of North Terrace into the nearby frame in the East and West Ends would be a welcome stimulus of activity in these sections of the City.

Mr Moulds said that while the vacancy rates remained at their present levels prospects for new office building development for other than owner occupiers was unlikely.A report we released yesterday showed if negative gearing was sacrificed it would trigger across the board rent increases and throw a major barrier in front of businesses and individuals wanting to invest in property. The retention of negative gearing is a win for everyone in the community whether you’re a person living in rental accommodation or a major company looking to invest in the Australian property market. The Government has agreed to review its GST treatment of long term leases.

The Government’s change of heart is due to evidence that property values are falling NOW. We’ve argued that the revaluation of assets will soon flow to ordinary Australians as lower distributions. We now have political momentum, however, we need more evidence that values are declining or will soon decline.Our campaign on this issue is unrelenting. We raise this matter with the Prime Minister, Treasurer and other ministers every week. Your evidence helps us build a case and the pressure for a solution, which we will re-submit to the Government.

In addition, Andrew Murray, the Democrats tax spokesman, is favourable to our position and we hope to finalise an agreement with Simon Crean before Parliament rises in early December. Property Council national President Carol Schwartz launched the findings of the landmark design Dividend project at Melbourne’s RMIT University today. Our office has created from one of Sydney's busiest Area work places, with cash, Buyers Authorities and conveyancing courses being a bit of our organization promoting.

Ms Schwartz said ordinary investors would be the big winners from the improved financial returns from projects that adhere to the Design Dividend principle. People who are taking advice from the sydney conveyacing lawyers will never face any problem in the conveyancing process and the whole process is conducted to buy or sell the party or houses or buildings.

The Productivity Commission would have recommended mandatory energy performance standards if they believed the property industry was not pulling its weight and reducing power consumption, Mr Verwer said.

Listed property trusts performance is affected by many factors than simply property, according to speakers in a debate on the capital markets at the Property Council of Australia’s annual Congress.

According to Sandy Calder of Colonial it’s almost a non issue whether the capital markets understand property or not. Using a number of graphs and research material, Calder proved significant fluctuations in prices attributed to bond prices, expectations of inflation and interest rates, long bond rates and the size and liquidity of trusts. For instance: Investors prefer higher liquidity so they go for large cap stocks and are prepared to take a lower yield, argued Calder.

However LPTs are effective at anticipating the underlying physical market action, he said. Simon Garing from Merrill Lynch said size and liquidity did matter because it affected the risk an investor takes. Mr Garing said the Armstrong Jones Office trust had owned just the 20 Bond Street site, meaning the asset was consistently traded at a discount because the market felt insecure about the prospect of one of only two tenants moving out.

On the other hand, the Macquarie Countrywide Trust’s community-based shopping centres are an excellent example of minimising risk. They increased their portfolio from a dozen supermarkets to 60 supermarkets as a way of spreading risk if one or more of the supermarkets were left without an income stream.

In trusts like the Westfield America trust the exchange rate can have a significant impact on performance.Inspired by the strong covenants and high quality investments to date, the Danish investors are keen to invest a further £35 million in the UK property market within the next 10 months. The J Sainsbury’s unit in The Swan Centre, Leatherhead was acquired from Allied London for £6.78 million reflecting a net initial yield of 6.65%.

Strutt & Parker advised on the division of KLA Tencor’s 1,400 sq m (15,100 sq ft), high office content industrial/warehouse space into units 686 and 687. Strutt & Parker’s Building Consultancy Division managed the fit-out of the two newly created units, and the Industrial Division is advising on the assignment of the remaining 615 sq m (6,615 sq ft) unit, now available.

Slough Trading Estate is a key industrial location in the Thames Valley - by splitting KLA Tencor’s unit into two, there is the further opportunity for more businesses to move here and take advantage of the high quality space close to the M4 and M40.

National property consultants Strutt & Parker have been instructed to sell an historic 18-hole pay and play golf course and a high quality Par 3 course in Worthing, West Sussex. Hill Barn Golf Course is in a prime location on the northern boundary of Worthing approximately 15 miles from Brighton and ½ mile from the A27. The course is spaciously laid out in 62 hectares (153 acres) and extends to a length of 6,229 yards par 70. Picking a land legal advisor or property attorney that fits your reasons can be dubious however with all the accessible property conveyancing course firms and administrations around.

The subsoil is chalk and flint, which is free draining and the course closes very rarely for rain. This swift letting to Mikom is a clear indication of how the Vodafone relocation process has opened up a remarkable number of opportunities for companies looking to move into and expand in the town.

Newbury’s strategic location and excellent transport links have made it an exceptional business environment, and the fast turnaround of this deal is indeed a promising start towards the disposal of the remaining properties.The property is situated in close proximity to St James’s Park Underground Station, and offers the ability to capitalise on the lack of new office accommodation currently available in Victoria. This property does not currently fit into Windsor Life’s investment criteria. Therefore, they were able to sell the building into a competitive market for this type of product and, in doing so, achieved a good price for the fund.

Bill heads up the out of town retail and leisure agency team, has particular experience in progressing and managing development projects and has also incubated a successful motor retail agency operation. Andrew Cordiner and James Fairweather have been promoted to Associate Partners within Strutt & Parker’s National Investment Agency, focusing on retail warehousing and industrial investment respectively. Richard Gaherty is now an Associate Partner with the Landlord and Tenant Division and works mainly on business space premises.

James Garrett has also been promoted to Associate Partner within the West End Business Team and concentrates principally on investment in the West End.

At Strutt & Parker’s City office, Alasdair Gurry and Matthew Hall have both been promoted to Associate Partner and work within the agency department, dealing with the leasing and acquisition of office accommodation. On behalf of a private Danish consortium represented by European Structured Leasing, Strutt & Parker has acquired 8 Westgate Street, Cardiff for £2.11 million from Delancey, reflecting a net initial yield of 6.7%. Comprising 1,362 sq m (14,658 sq ft), the property is let to Yates Wine Lodge at £150,000 pa on a 35 year lease from 2000 with a fixed uplift on the first review.

This is the latest in a long line of investment deals totalling £15 million to date and is part of a £50 million UK investment programme. Inspired by the strong covenants and high quality investments to date, the Danish investors are keen to invest a further £35 million in the UK property market within the next 10 months. They are particularly interested in retail, leisure and industrial opportunities on lease terms in excess of 20 years. Our CITY NAME conveyancers brisbane will help you in changing the title of the real estate properties at affordable prices. Managing some million and a half acres of land across the country, Strutt & Parker recognises more than most the important role that working dogs play in the rural economy and our way of life.

Property specialists Strutt & Parker have teamed up with The Field magazine to support its campaign designed to find kind owners for homeless working dogs.It’s incredibly difficult to read these pages, see these faces and not want to adopt one of these dogs right now.The people running them really are heroes. the past year has seen the private equity industry deliver an outstanding performance in terms of value creation for LPs, and correspondingly significant gains for GPs through their carried interests.

By 2006 these figures had grown to $440 billion and $78 billion respectively – implying net gains for LPs worldwide of approximately $140 billion and net carry for GPs of around $24 billion over the ensuing 12 months. As fig. 1 shows, the value gains delivered for LPs have been spread across several vintage years. Funds from 1996 and before are now largely realized and distributed, so as might be expected there has been little change in value gains for these vintages. It is also notable how the very recent 2001 to 2004 vintages are already showing significant value gains – over $120 billion to date – despite being at such an early stage of their investment cycle.
The excellent early progress of the 2001 to 2004 vintage funds suggests that these years may well prove to be the golden years for the industry. The aggregate gains to LPs to date from 2001 to 2004 vintage funds are estimated at $120 billion – but these are still immature funds with scope for further gains over their remaining lifetimes. This translates to the majority of the net value gain for LPs being concentrated in their investments in a small group of funds and firms. Fig. 3 shows the concentration of net value gains for all LPs globally among the best funds (vintages 1991 to 1998 only, to remove any skew from immature funds.)

Our other publication focused on fund performance, the Performance Monitor, looks at the patterns of performance across different fund types and between different firms, but the Value Creation and Carry Review is somewhat different in its focus. Real estate property conveyancers are the people having thorough knowledge to make the process done complete.

Approximately 40% of the funds in our sample of 1,753 funds from vintages 1991 to 2004 have earned their GPs carry, and this number will clearly rise further as the funds mature. New legislation has come into effect in the UK, while the detailed interpretation of the laws has received much-needed clarification in several US states. The net effect of this has been to increase the availability of basic fund returns information, while at the same time giving GPs and LPs alike welcome confirmation that sensitive detailed portfolio company information is not subject to disclosure under the Act. While this has always been our interpretation, it is undoubtedly beneficial for the entire industry that ambiguity has been removed, and that industry participants can have confidence that sensitive information on portfolio companies will not be disclosed.

Four funds earned more than $1 billion carry each, and a further 8 funds earned in excess of $500 million.These data-sharing GPs get free access to the Benchmarks module of Performance Analyst, and are also eligible for discounted rates on subscriptions to the full online database. the environment is currently very favourable for private equity, not only in terms of investors’ appetites for committing to new funds, but also in terms of the exits that private equity firms have been making and the gains realized on these exits.